Who We Are

We are a marketing agency that assists business owners and marketing professionals with their digital marketing strategy.
Our goal is to help you increase leads and sales from the web.

Our Expertise

We have a passion for helping companies advertise their product or service on the Internet by finding effective and affordable solutions in order to do so.

We Love Numbers!

One of the most important factors in measuring online success is to first establish the company’s online business goals and objectives.

This includes tracking and measuring the right things.

We will evaluate your current marketing efforts, provide recommendations and offer solutions to help you meet your goals.

We’ll Help You For Free

Learn how you can improve your return on investment (ROI) on your marketing budget.

Whether you’re a local business and want more people to come into your store or a nationwide company looking for ways to increase sales of your product or service, we will review your website and help you come up with a new digital marketing strategy.

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Meet Our Team

Bernard Ablola, Internet Marketing Consultant

Bernard Ablola

Founder, Partner

Bernard is your digital marketing strategist. He will help formulate your online strategy and framework to keep the project on track. His previous experience includes working at Microsoft Corporation where he managed multi-million dollar search engine marketing campaigns.
He has his BA, from the University of Baltimore and MBA from Seattle University. Bernard enjoys visiting a new country every year and eating the local dishes. In Asia, he recommends getting drinks with NO ice.

francis ablola chief marketing officer

Francis Ablola

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Francis, nick named “The Robot” will be your lead inbound marketing consultant.  He has worked on several multi-million dollar product launches. He focuses on creating killer email-marketing campaigns that get opened, read and help make your cash register ring. He is an old school student of direct marketing, so in his spare time he loves collecting junk mail and watching infomercials. You can find him at the local Whole Foods picking the best fruits and vegetables to juice.

Moon Rattanakone

Client Services Officer

Moon is crafty and is a Jane of all trades. She has a background in business, audio engineering, and web development.

Moon has many hobbies but her favorites are oil painting, calligraphy, designing, and learning languages.



Richard Fong

Business Development & SEO Specialist

Richard has spent over 7 years earning online with eBay, Adsense, and Affiliate Marketing. In addition, Richard has developed over 300 websites during this time. He received BA From University of California, Irvine in Economics. Worked as a Finance Analyst for Washington Mutual (now Chase Bank).

Jeremy Fremont 

Online Marketing Strategist

Jeremy is an online marketing wizard. He has been immersed in the ever changing Internet shoreline for the past eight years helping businesses with their online marketing needs. He has a knack for listening to a clients needs and then helping to brainstorm solutions to solve their pain points. 

Dan Bickford

Sales Director

Dan is a Senior Sales Executive with more than 20 years of Operations, Sales and Marketing experience. Having managed the continuum of companies from start up’s to large enterprise sales organizations, Dan strongly believes the key to business success is complete buy in to the “customer mind set” which ultimately focuses on driving customer value and their positive return on investment.


Ashar Alam

VP of Digital Marketing

 Ashar is the author of The Book on Digital Marketing: More Money, More Clients, More Freedom. He has spent millions on social media marketing and has generated tens of million in sales online and offline. He currently manages multiple campaigns in a variety of channels including Television, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising. He is specializes in running Facebook PPC and conversion.

Sara Chandlee, Web Developer and Designer

Sara Chandlee

Web Developer & Designer

Sara Chandlee is an expert in web design and development. She is versed in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL with experience in SaaS development, Linux Server Administration, Email Reputation Management, API integrations, LESS, Bootstrap and WordPress. She holds a BA in Telecommunications from Penn State University, and is continually learning new skills and tools to add to her tech and IT “stack.” A programming geek and entrepreneur at heart, Sara excels at troubleshooting and developing solutions.

John Kalberer

Software Engineer

John Kalberer is a full-stack developer with a focus on web development and mobile. He has a versatile skill set and loves to dabble in new technologies — this keeps him current and knowledgeable about the best tools for the job. John has experience working on small, medium, and large projects on front-end, business, and back-end codebases.


Vikas Singhal 

Business Development

Vikas Singhal’s progression has included experience in small, midsize, and large companies. He obtained MBA from Seattle University in 2009 and with years of successful experience in software engineering and strong expertise in client relationship management.


Angie Salisbury

Communication Strategist

Angie is an expert business writer and communication strategist with nearly 20 years of experience. Having worked with companies ranging from small, independently owned companies to multi-billion dollar, international corporations, Angie is able to take any concept or idea and bring it to life. Specializing in ghost writing, Angie has written dozens of books and eBooks for clients in various industries. Angie is also a life coach and author of the soon to be released book, The Swan Project: How To Achieve Your Goals, Be Your Best Self and Find Your Inner Swan.

Sam Niccolls, seo expert

Sam Niccolls

SEO Consultant

Sam Niccolls is a self diagnosed online marketing and web analytics geek. When he’s not working, he loves to play basketball. And even though in college, (at the University of Colorado in Boulder) he spent very little time geeking out, he did study both literature and sports psychology, two subjects that he remains passionate about. Since moving back to Seattle, which is where he grew up, he has traded his prose pants and coaching cap in for a search marketing shirt. And he has enjoyed doing online marketing and web analytics ever since.



Grant Brown 

Content Marketing Strategist

Grant co-founded Rant, Inc in 2010 before selling the company in 2016. While acting in several roles for Rant (co-CEO, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Strategy Officer), he oversaw the growth of more than 10 successful websites, reaching over 40 million users a month.

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