How to Attract Twitter Followers of Competitors

How to Attract Twitter Followers of Competitors

Attracting your competition’s Twitter followers is one of the most cost effective ways of gaining customers, if you tweet.  The fact that these Twitter users have a demonstrated interest in your competitors indicates that there’s a good chance that they would also like to hear about your products and services.

One of the most common techniques for gaining new followers is following others to entice them to do likewise.  To gain followers of your competitors, you can start following them.

Tweetpi, a free Twitter tool, allows you to do this easily.   After signing up for a free Tweetpi account, here’s what you do:

(1) Get the Twitter username of your competitor

(2) In the “Follow new tweeps” section, click the “Follow followers” button:

follow competition's followers





(3) On the next screen, enter your “@”, followed by your competitor’s Twitter username.  Then, click the “Start following” button.

competitor user name












(4) On the next screen, followers of your competitors will be shown, and you can click on their profile picture to learn more about them, and then click the “Follow” button if you want them to choose:

twitter users

Here are some things to think about when doing this:

  • Twitter doesn’t like you following too many people per day, so you probably want to limit how many people you follow to no more than 100/day so you’re not risking your account being flagged
  • Once you follow 2000 users, Twitter prevents you from following more depending on the ratio of following to followers.  For example, if you have 1000 followers and 2000 people you’re following (a ratio of 1000/2000 or 50%), then Twitter will prevent you from following any additional people.  Twitter is looking for that ratio to be much closer, so you have nearly as many followers as people your following – more people following you is optimal.
    • To improve your ratio, you can Tweetpi’s “Flush” functionality (from the Tweetpi Dashboard) to unfollow the people who didn’t follow you back
    • Use Twitter lists to “follow” people.  When you create a list, and then add someone to a list, they don’t count as someone you’re following.  Moving people who are infrequent followers to lists are  a good way to keep them following you, but reduce your following count.  You can see how often they use Twitter in the “Flush” function of Tweetpi.

Gaining followers from competitors is easy – just make sure that you stay within Twitter’s rules.

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