Get Google Analytics Custom Reports for Free

Get Google Analytics Custom Reports for Free

Google Analytics remains the dominant tool for tracking and measuring the performance of web sites.  While many people include it in their website, most don’t use it to the full extent possible.  What’s great about Google Analytics is that it not only comes with tons of useful reports, but that it also allows you to create your own custom reports and dashboards.  Even better yet, you can leverage the work of others that are either more technical and/or have more analytics knowledge than you through the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.  Just like Google Analytics itself, the custom reports and dashboards people share in the gallery are free.

filter google analytics reports by function

The reports and dashboards are categorized by function and you can filter the results based on the type of data you are interested in.  There’s a lot of different data that you can garner from these reports, but here’s a sampling of some areas where additional info beyond the standard functionality of Google Analytics may benefit you:

Social Media

Allows you to easily view  the social actions (i.e. share, tweet, etc.) people do on your site, the amount of revenue being earned from referrals from social networks (per visit), and how often social actions lead to conversions.


Learn what mobile devices are accessing your site,  the top content, the amount of revenue you’re getting from phone and tablet users, as well as the main keywords attracting them to you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

See a breakdown of the keywords from organic searches that are most successful (segmentation by goal conversions, visits, bounce rate) and the landing pages that perform the best (segmented by goal completions, visits, bounce rate).

Site Diagnostics

See internal and external links causing 404 errors.  Also, monitor your page load speed (an important factor when Google ranks sites in search results) with reports that tell your page load time, server response time and domain look up time (broken down by country).

Easy Imports

Once you find a report or dashboard that you want to try, Google makes it easy to import.  All you need to do is to:

1. Click the import button under the report/dashboard you’re interested in:
2.  Another tab or browser window will open, where you will select which Google Analytics property (site) you want to import the item into (change Select a View):

import report into google analytics





That’s all there is to it!

The nice thing is that if you don’t find the report to be particularly useful, it’s also delete it from your account:

delete custom google analytics report


Have fun checking out the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery – a useful, free and easy way to start to get more out of your website.

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