Seattle Networking Events – It’s About Who You Know

Seattle Tech Cocktail

Whether you are new to the Emerald City, looking for a job, or want to promote a new business, Seattle has a ton of opportunities to network and meet other professionals.  I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Baltimore, Maryland looking for an adventure.  I had no friends or family in the area so it was up to me to meet new people.  This is an important factor in a place where it is known for the rain.  A group of friends and colleagues helps during the cloudy days when sitting in front of a SAD lamp jump won’t cut it.

Here are some ideas in the Jet City to start and meet other professionals.

Take a class:

Taking classes at the local university is perfect for introverts like myself.  You can learn something and easily spark up a conversation and talk about this evening’s homework assignment.  You can work on a graduate degree, take a foreign language course, certification program or take Improv.

Seattle Colleges and Universities

Seattle University
University of Washington
Seattle Central Community College
Bellevue College

Seattle Improv Classes

Unexpected Productions
Jet City Improv

Seattle Language Classes

Seattle Language

Seattle Networking Events

Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Pugent Sound Business Journal
Seattle Business Magazine

Seattle Startup Community

Startup Weekend
Ignite Seattle
Northwest Entrepreneur Network
Seattle Tech Calendar

Make sure you bookmark this page because I will be updating this as I find more places to add to the list.  Now go take some action.  Click on a link, register for a class, event or meetup and have fun!