How To Create A Killer Landing Page: 10 Essential Elements That Convert Prospects to Qualified Buyers

In the last article we talked about the anatomy of a killer offer, looked at examples of a great offer and what to consider for your own irresistible offer. It’s a big step to have the offer finalized, and once you get it all set (or know which ones...
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5 Steps to Optimized Sales Using Facebook Advertising: Case Study Highlights Strategy Used to Quadruple Sales, Conversions

Facebook advertising has gained momentum as one of the most effective advertising platforms for businesses of all sizes. With over 2 billion users, half of whom actively using the site each day, businesses are foolish if they ignore the advertising power...
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Why You Should Use Video for Marketing

If you haven’t tried videos for marketing, you really should.  While they may take more effort than writing a blog post or an article, the extra investment can be well worth it.  Marketing via video is still in its infancy which means that you...
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