5 Steps to Optimized Sales Using Facebook Advertising: Case Study Highlights Strategy Used to Quadruple Sales, Conversions

Facebook advertising has gained momentum as one of the most effective advertising platforms for businesses of all sizes. With over 2 billion users, half of whom actively using the site each day, businesses are foolish if they ignore the advertising power...
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How to Use LinkedIn for Sales

While most people recognize LinkedIn as a great place to network to get jobs, many haven’t considered the power it has to land B2B leads. Since people list their job title and employer, it makes it easy to target people who fit your customer persona....
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How to Get Sales and Leads on Facebook

Facebook can be a great way to generate sales and leads for your business.  It’s a completely different beast than many traditional marketing channels though.  People are on Facebook as a leisurely activity usually.  They aren’t necessarily...
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