Winning at Facebook Ads

Introduction to Bernard and Ashar

  • Why is Facebook Still Relevant

    I had the privilege of going to f8 last year, which is Facebook's huge developer conference. Tens of thousands of developers all around the world attend that conference. We saw mark Zuckerberg as keynote. We saw all of the, all of the heads of all the divisions in Facebook all speak on all the upcoming changes and growth that they're doing. WhatsApp, Oculus, Facebook messenger, Facebook, Instagram. I mean these are all the major platforms that people spend a lot of time on nowadays.

  • Why do some companies fail at Facebook

    I've had many customers say, Facebook is not where my customers, you know, where our customers are at and you know, we've tried it before and it just doesn't work. Why are these copies filling at? It's a different medium and a different message that works on Facebook. But Facebook, you're able to create awareness for something that they may or may not have needed.

  • Telling a Story is where you're going to win

    Organic means and looks like something that your mother would have shared. [inaudible] making it look natural makes it look natural. Look native. When we had full page newspaper ads that look like an article, but there were an advertorial, it's the same thing. It's really getting around someone's guard.

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"Winning at Facebook Ads", Ashar Alam, Partner, Think Strategy

Ashar Alam is the co-founder of Think Strategy, a B2B marketing and communications firm, located in Costa Mesa, CA. Think Strategy focuses on B2B sales development for enterprise clients.

For the last decade Ashar has worked behind the scenes creating campaigns for New York Times best-selling authors and internationally known thought leaders in topics such as success, leadership, and personal development.

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